The Traveling Chair

Eleish Van Breems x Cabana in support of the Design Leadership Foundation Scholarship Fund

Eleish Van Breems Home collaborated with Cabana Magazine and Schumacher to develop the Traveling Chair Exhibit, a journey of discovery, where the Eleish Van Breems Draken, Bellman, Gullers and Ittan Side Chairs were sent to various artists, designers, and makers in the big “Cabana Family.” 

These creatives brought their authentic and original ideas to customize the chair as their own, whether by painting, fabricating or embellishing the decoration. This exhibit coincides with the launch of the Cabana fabric collection produced by Schumacher.  

The chairs are available for sale on the Cabana website. All proceeds will be donated to the Design Leadership Foundation Scholarship Fund, to ensure a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the fields of architecture and design.

Rebecca de Ravenel Side Chair
Floralia fabric by Cabana x Schumacher

Designer Rebecca de Ravenel "always had a love affair with raffia, most things straw really, so it felt very natural to wrap this chair in a version of my most loved material."

Martina Mondadori & Ashley Hicks Side Chair
Saz Paisley Velvet and Floralia fabric by Cabana x Schumacher

Interior designer Ashley Hicks and Martina Mondadori created two Baroque inspired chairs, painting "faux marble intarsia in the wood backs, preserving the grain by staining them in coral red and sage green."

Carlos Mota Side Chair
Theodora embroidery by Cabana x Schumacher

Interiors and style consultant Carlos
creates a tension of feminine and masculine, modern and vintage, strong and sweet. "By painting the chair black, it becomes a bit modern and dramatic, and by using the mustard embroidery fabric, it becomes more feminine."

Luke Edward Hall Side Chair
Sasha Diamond Ikat fabric by Cabana x Schumacher

Artist and designer Luke Edward Hall's, painted chair features a classic Kent motif - the Vitruvian scroll. "I don't like things looking too neat or perfect, which is why I left the paintwork looking a little scruffy. I believe that might be the Bloomsbury influence!"

Deborah Needleman Side Chair
Elena Paisley fabric by Cabana x Schumacher

American Editor and writer Deborah Needleman's chair crafted of woven rush remarks, “I love the thought that the materials of this chair may go from growing in a river... to living amongst someone else’s things, wordlessly weaving itself into the fabric of their life."

Vincent Darré Side Chair

"Lyric Chair, it's sung like a score, the libretto is the symbols of poetry, like notes in Chinese shadows from a Baroque opera. The Lyric Chair is ready to go on stage!" - Vincent Darré, Interior architect and designer

Will Cooper Side Chair
Sasha Diamond Ikat fabric by Cabana x Schumacher

Will Cooper, Creative Director of ASH NYC, finds inspiration in historic references, "foremost the chair's faux tortoise application... and fabric and skirting silhouette, which are a nod to the textiles and upholstery techniques of 16th, 17th and 18th centuries."