Luke Edward Hall's Traveling Chair

I love painted chairs, particularly English Gothic and Regency versions, and I am also a big Bloomsbury fan, so naturally when it came to decorating this chair for Cabana, I got my paintbrushes out.

For the colour palette, I was inspired by the Cabana x Schumacher fabric itself, whilst the motifs take their inspiration from a trip I took a few days before working on the chair: I finally got to see inside Rousham House, which is close to my home in the Cotswolds countryside.

Stuffed with marvellous tables and chairs designed by William Kent, I was completely enthralled by the interior. On the chair we find a classic Kent motif - the Vitruvian scroll - but remade in my own painterly hand. I don't like things looking too neat or perfect, which is why I left the paintwork looking a little scruffy. I believe that might be the Bloomsbury influence!

For the Traveling Chair exhibit, Luke Edward Hall customized the Bellman Side Chair by Eleish Van Breems. His chair is available on the Cabana website. Sasha Diamond Ikat fabric by Cabana x Schumacher.