Welcome to EVB Home

Rhonda Eleish & Edie van Breems bring their love of approachable Scandinavian design with its philosophy of balance and harmony to their custom design clients, as well as their new EVB Home store and website.  

EVB Home

Shop our curated selection of décor and design items for the home, created in a sustainable manner by artisans and makers from Sweden and beyond.

Enjoy a relaxed, calming environment filled with a sense of peace and harmony.  

EVB Home Furniture

We offer handcrafted furniture with authentic historical detailing, made with integrity and lasting quality in Sweden using age-old techniques and native woods.

We hand paint and wax each piece using traditional Swedish colors in our Connecticut studio.

Antiques & Art

Every piece of period Scandinavian furniture and decorative art we sell is something we fell in love with that moves us and has an emotional resonance beyond its period or provenance.

We think of ourselves as guardians of each piece. 

Interior Design

Rhonda Eleish and Edie van Breems are known for their calming aesthetic, their expertise in the layering of textures, and the soothing use of colors.

We focus on creating spaces that are highly livable, personal and inspiring to our clients.