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  • Rebecca de Ravenel's Traveling Chair

    Rebecca de Ravenel

    I have always had a love affair with raffia, most things straw really, so it felt very natural to wrap this chair in a version of my most loved material.

    I met a wonderful man in a local market by my home who helped wrap the chair for me.

    I was immediately drawn to this particular fabric from the Schumacher/Cabana collection, the color combination and print feels very much like the kinds of things in and around my home, a strong synergy of a fresh, old-world, tropical paradise.

    My talented niece, India, collaborated with me on the hand painting of the chair. We decided to keep the colors and the detail to a minimum to not distract from texture, craftsmanship and the rich print.

    I designed the chair to sit peacefully in a rather noisy entrance, where dogs and children are usually barking and chasing each other, it is a wonderful compilation of so many things I treasure and admire -- design, color, print, local talent and function.


    For the Traveling Chair exhibit, Rebecca de Ravenel customized the Gullers Side Chair by Eleish Van Breems. Her chair is available on the Cabana website. Floralia fabric by Cabana x Schumacher.