To The Trade

Inspiring interiors showcasing the best Nordic design of the past, present and future.

Eleish Van Breems Studio offers a carefully curated selection of furniture, lighting and accessories with partner manufacturers and brands, along with our own Swedish reproduction furniture line made in Tibro, Sweden. We also offer Mid Century and Fine Scandinavian antiques. With our concierge trade services, the team offers a personalized experience for you and your clients. We guide you through our showrooms filled with our curated and unique pieces. 

Eleish Van Breems Studio supports our trade clients in product research, sourcing, quoting, order processing and tracking. As a full service showroom, we are here to assist you from selection through to delivery.

Services Offered

Efficient Business Support Customer Service

Guidance Based on Project/Client Needs

Trade Discounts

Quoting, Order Processing, Tracking and Receiving

White Glove Delivery Service