by Rhonda Eleish October 31, 2020 2 min read

We spoke to Parisa Fowles-Pazdro, founder and CEO of Max Bone, to learn about her creative process and plan to disrupt the dog industry with beautifully designed, functional pet products.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Being raised in Sweden made me evolve a particular interest in a timeless style aesthetic where the function is often just as important as good looks. I believe that there's beauty in simplicity and I wanted to translate that into max-bone. We follow culture, not trends, combining influences from fashion, art, architecture and, most importantly, from our community. Our mission is to elevate the lifestyle of pets and their humans through thoughtful designs that address the dog's needs but also have human sensibility in mind.

What is your process to produce your products?  

We take a different approach by co-creating our products with our community. We understand the demand, listen to their feedback and design products that will make their lives better and that don't exist in the market.

Parisa and her pup Macintosh. 

What makes your line unique?

I created max-bone with the consumer in mind by cultivating well-designed products for pet owners that fit seamlessly into anyone’s home, closet and environment. We think everyone deserves to have their pet products match their personal style and lifestyle. And we think finding your pet items should be fun and hassle-free. The goal with max-bone is to modernize the pet landscape including every aspect of the customer experience, from product to delivery.

Can you remember the first time that design really made an impact on you?

I've always admired photography, art, architecture and contemporary culture. Being raised in Sweden, I learned that less is truly more and good design is all about problem-solving.


What’s the most treasured item in your home?

A work of art that I got as a gift from my mother-in-law.

What’s the most important design lesson you’ve learnt?

A design needs to engage customers through experiences; it's more than making things pretty. We create our products to make pets and pet owners' lives easier and more fun.

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