by Rhonda Eleish October 22, 2020 3 min read

Today we're highlighting the charming and delightful Swedish company Floryd. We adore the whimsical patterns and the bright colors of their products. They simply make us happy! We asked owner and designer My Floryd to give us some insights about her design process as well as her most treasured possessions.


Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Mostly I get inspiration from our Swedish traditions, our nature, and the mid-century period 1950-1960's. The inspiration comes to me from everywhere—it can be a talk, my grandmother’s old housecoat, a detail in a stone or a leaf to the rings on the water.

What is your process to produce your products?   

When I have an idea, I always sit down with a sketchbook and start drawing. There are often many changes in both pattern and product before everything becomes perfect. I'm a perfectionist, so three different shades of blue that someone might think are the same, I think is a huge difference! When the idea on the paper is finished, I work out a pattern in a print-ready file and send to one of my producers, often with exact color codes. I always start by reviewing samples of new products before placing a bulk order.

What makes your line unique?

I think that my range and patterns stand out among lots of designs that are on the market today. Very much of Swedish design today is Scandinavian-stripped, pure in different shades of gray. I think this style is nice, but my eyes are always drawn to color and a lot of pattern. Many of my customers think that my designs and products feel classic and evoke memories from their childhood and at the same time just as many like them because they feel new and unique.


Can you remember the first time that design really made an impact on you?

I have always loved color and different shapes. My mother had, and always has, a lot of tablecloths, textiles, wallpaper, interiors that were, and are, patterned with a lot of color and beautiful color combinations. I especially remember a rose pattern that I fell in love with, several graphic stylized roses with bold/brave color combinations. Mom had these patterns in both trays, shower curtains and tablecloths and I also got a nice bag in this pattern. I also clearly remember my mother's beautiful, colorful, floral summer dresses. 

My grandfather was a glazier, so I have always liked stained glass. He made incredibly beautiful lead-framed glass for churches, homes and as artworks. I remember beautiful pieces we got from him that were treasures and I also used all my mother's nice glass bowls which I turned upside down to create a play world for my little ponies.

What’s the most treasured item in your home?

For me, it's my teddy bear, my old diaries, old photos and photo albums. I'm a real nostalgic tiger! I also have a nice lump of glass from my grandfather's father, a magic watch and inherited beautiful candlesticks from my grandmother. And last but not least my collection of Moomin mugs from Arabia (right now over 100 different designs).

What’s the most important design lesson you’ve learnt?

The road to your own brand is not easy. It is very hard work, you must be prepared to work steadily and be constantly prepared to learn new things and, most importantly, not to give up when there are setbacks.

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