by Edie Van Breems March 29, 2021 2 min read

We love linens--whether a beautiful table runner for a special dinner, a practical tea towel for the kitchen or a crisp pillow case for sleeping. Since 1992, Axlings Linen has designed lovely products made under traditional production techniques. Today, the founder Fredrik Axling tells us about his inspirations and what makes his linens unique.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

The most inspiring source of inspiration for me comes from nature. And for sure from all ideas and solutions that benefit sustainable living. The art of creating modern design in sustainable materials and production techniques is my drive.

What is your process to produce your products?  

The process is so old and yet so modern! Flax grows in rainy climates and we take great care in its harvesting and weaving by keeping the distance between growing the flax and turning it into yarn at our workshop as short as possible.

 What makes your line unique?

I’d say that it's sustainable, which is both classic and unique. Linen is a very environmentally sustainable material. And I am glad to say that if sustainable production and materials becomes less unique, I’d be the first to celebrate!

Can you remember the first time that design really made an impact on you?

I have lived long enough to have probably forgotten my first impressions (laughter). But one designer who definitely has impressed me, and still is, is Josef Frank, a multi-talented designer who came to Sweden as a refugee during the second world war. His prints on linen are timeless, colorful and appreciated all over the world. They are simply fantastic in my opinion.

What’s the most treasured item in your home?

Without a doubt it is my linen towels and sheets and, of course, the green house.

What’s the most important design lesson you’ve learnt?

Follow your heart. Cherish and respect our planet. Go for quality.

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